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Jimmy’s Property Care: A Picture of Success

We caught up with one of our favourite Instagrammers and former Spinaclean Training Day Attendee’s to find out how he started his own business and what it means to be his own boss.

Why did you start your exterior cleaning business?

“After 15 years as an insurance broker with Lloyds of London and 7 years spent commuting to London, life threw me a bit of a curveball and I was made redundant.

I always found working in an office a bit of a soulless experience so the change of circumstances gave me a chance to think about what I really enjoyed doing.  I’d studied conservation at college and always loved the outdoors so initially, I did some gardening and a bit of tree surgery. 

As I was looking into career options I saw a gap in the market in my local area for exterior cleaning.  When I was driving along I would see all the dirty driveways and blocked gutters so knew there was a real need and money to be made from these services.  I searched online for more information and came across the Spinaclean Training Day, and booked on the course, that was over four years ago.