Finance Options

Finance Options

Give Your Business Investment a Headstart with Financing

Guttersucker High Level Inspection Camera

Low Upfront Costs:

Paying for large purchases over a longer period is an easier way to manage your business finances, preventing you from having to pay everything at once and maintaining a consistent cash flow.

Access to High-Quality Equipment:

With access to otherwise unaffordable high-quality equipment from the beginning, you can provide top-notch services to your customers right from the beginning, giving your business the competitive edge it needs.

Guttersucker Gutter Vacuum in use by a sole operator safely on the ground

A Set Repayment Plan:

Financing your exterior cleaning equipment gives you more financial flexibility, allowing you to choose a suitable payment plan. Having predictable payments makes it easier to manage your cash flow.

Improved Efficiency:

High-quality equipment helps you work faster and more efficiently, allowing you to complete more jobs in a day. This boosts your revenue and frees up time.

Guttersucker Vacuum Cleaning gutters from the safety of the ground.

If you’re planning to invest in new exterior cleaning equipment for your business or expansion, consider purchasing on finance to establish a solid foundation. Financing allows you to access high-quality equipment sooner, control your cash flow, and build your credit score. Whether you’re interested in Guttersucker or SkyScraper, finance options make it possible to access the right equipment for your needs.

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Keep Your Filters Fresh

Demanding gutter cleaning projects are no challenge for your trusty Guttersucker Vacuum. But you might notice a drop in suction power over time.
You can keep your Gutter Vacuum operating in peak condition by checking, cleaning, and maintaining your filters.
Your filter is a vital part of your vacuum system as it protects the motor from damage caused by rogue dust particles. The airflow is restricted when your filter is clogged or wet, and your vacuum works harder with reduced suction performance. This in turn means that cleaning jobs take longer, so you can schedule fewer projects daily and earn less money.
So, you can save a lot later by spending a little time and money on maintaining your filter now!

Check for damage to your gutter vacuum filter:

A damaged filter lets dirt and grit into the system, which causes further damage to the motor. Damaged motors require costly repairs, leaving you without a vacuum until it is repaired and returned to you. We recommend changing the filter 2-3 times yearly (every 4-6 months) to prevent this.

Follow the steps below to clean your filter:

  1. Clean your filter after every use
  2. Remove excess dirt with a stiff brush
  3. If the filter is particularly dirty, wash it with a domestic hose on the spray-jet attachment
  4. Brush around the air intake section of the vacuum head

To keep your Guttersucker Vacuum in peak condition, ensure that you:

• Start each project with a CLEAN and DRY filter
• Check your filter for damage
• Replace your filter every 4-6 months.

Buy a replacement filter for your Guttersucker Vacuum HERE.