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Power, Performance and Promotion – The GS Expert has it all!

Turbo charge your gutter business, with the Gutter Sucker Expert!

So, you’ve been gutter clearing with a smaller gutter vac system for a while.  You have a feel for the market and understand the potential earning opportunities, but your current gutter vac is holding you back. Whilst it’s ideal for small scale, domestic, top up gutter cleans, it’s not up task of the big earners, the larger domestic and commercial properties, with stubborn gutter blockages.  It lacks the power, the capacity, is slow – and doesn’t represent you, or your brand.

That’s where the Gutter Sucker Expert really is a game changer.  Our team wanted to put together a ready-made gutter cleaning package, that could take your business to the next level, overnight.  A fantastic power packed system, versatile enough to cater to all gutter projects and property size, supported by professional marketing materials to get you noticed, and earning, fast.

The Gutter Sucker Expert is a 3 motor, 3000 Watt system, designed for regular heavy duty gutter cleaning.  It’s jam packed with suction power, boasting 98 inch water lift and 10,500 LPM air flow, capable of whisking out deep rooted gutter gardens, in the blink of an eye.  With light weight poles and a reach of up to 40ft, and over obstacles such as garages and conservatories, you can be confident that the GS Expert is up for any gutter challenge, regardless of property size or type.

Now that you have a system that does the job and looks the part, it’s time to get that message across to your potential clientele, which is where the ready to go marketing kit comes in.  Upload the promotional video, which features your branding and your contact details, onto your social media channels and business pages.  Highlighting the risks of not having your gutters cleaned, such as blockages, that can lead to overflowing gutters and potential water damage, is a very powerful and persuasive message.  Your potential clients will see your professional equipment in action, delivering impressive gutter clearance results.  With a library of images to help get you going, until you can upload your on results, and eye catching van stickers, it won’t be long before your business takes off.

before and after gutter cleaning

Our goal with the Expert, was to offer a ready to go gutter cleaning business, at an exceptional price.  So, if you are looking to take your gutter game to the next level and fast, then the Expert is a sound investment offering fast payback and long term business growth.

To see the system in action click here.