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Inspection Cameras

Gutter inspection is difficult when using telescopic poles and guttering systems alone. Our survey cameras are ideal for filming before, during and after gutter cleaning jobs. Show prospective clients the work that needs doing on their roof gutters. Discuss any gutter issues you see, it shows you mean business and will get the job done.

Our pole inspection cameras are great for viewing gutters and downspouts. Designed with health and safety in mind, for regular gutter cleaning jobs, read more about our camera systems…


Recordable gutter vacuum camera

The recordable camera is the ideal choice for video recording gutters and roof’s, due to it’s large 4.3″ LCD colour monitor, 4x camera head mounted LED lights, 3x zoom function, 50m range and IP64 rated system.

Easy to use, attach the high quality camera mount to the pole and press the record button to get started. With night vision, 3 hours charge and an in-car mains charger; our telescopic inspection cameras are perfect for your gutter vacuums.

No wires, No Apps and No Wi-Fi required.


“Real-Time” Inspection System

This non recordable option is ideal for viewing crystal clear images in real time. The camera is light, easy to use and is the perfect addition to your gutter cleaning extension pole. Comes with 50m signal range, adjustable image rotation (by 180 degrees) and a high quality monitor.

Gutter Sucker Junior

Our best-selling wet & dry gutter vac. 

Ideal for new business start-ups looking for a great value system with fast pay back.  Don’t be fooled by the name, this compact gutter vacuum delivers 100 Inch Water lift and 4,000 LPM Air flow making it a great addition to a tradesman van or equipment

External Property Maintenance:

  • Gutter clearing without the need for ladders.
  • Unblocking drains and emptying water features.
  • Garage & garden DIY projects

 So, if you are a window cleaner, handy man, or property maintenance specialist looking for an indispensable system, then the Junior is for you!

Gutter Sucker Expert

A powerful professional gutter vac with lightweight carbon fibre poles, camera system and FREE marketing pack to get your business noticed fast!

  • 3300 watts
  • 98 Inch Water Lift
  • 10,500 LPM Air Flow
  • 8 Light weight carbon fibre Poles

Marketing Pack

  • “Gutters Cleared using” Van stickers
  • Promotional Images
  • Editable Promo Video

So, don’t miss out, take your gutter cleaning to new heights, we’re talking 4 stories here (12m /40ft) with the Gutter Sucker Expert.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re so confident in our Gutter Sucker products and services that we offer a “Shop with confidence” guarantee across all purchases for your complete peace of mind.

30 Day returns policy

If for any reason you are not completely happy with your purchase, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

All our Gutter Sucker products are supported with a standard 1-year Manufacturer’s warranty.

Dedicated Customer Service

Whether you are looking for advice on gutter clearing, new equipment, or advice on how to market your business our dedicated team is on hand to offer expert help and guidance.

Need Help Deciding ?

Still not sure whether the Gutter Sucker is right for your business? Get in touch today and we will help you find the best product for your companies needs