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Our Latest Innovation: The Guttersucker Rapid 

PAUL: When it comes to clearing gutters, my main requirement is wet moss removal after a roof clean. In the past, I have had to put up with either: 

1) a smaller, less powerful single-motor machine that’s prone to getting blocked with heavy, dragging, wet moss or 

2) using a much heavier dual or triple-motor machine. 

The problem with using a bigger machine in this scenario is how heavy the drum can get once it’s full of wet moss. 

For me, the Rapid 1800 is a fantastic solution. Not only is it extremely lightweight, but its powerful 1800 watt motor guarantees fast wet moss removal and a more manageable, user-friendly experience, especially when emptying. 

PAUL: For 1800 watts, the light weight of the machine and its four castor wheels make it really easy to move about. On one job, I had to go up some external metal stairs with the machine to get to an awkward area on a flat roof. This was made SO much easier with the Rapid. 

PAUL: The polypropylene construction of the drum and motor head is a win. Why? Because metal drums get bashed about in the back of a van, and over time, they can start to look worn and tired. The polypropylene construction absorbs shocks without denting, meaning my machine will look newer for longer. It also means that when I turn up on a job, my customers will see my new premium equipment and trust I’ll get the job done. 

PAUL: Everyone is acutely aware of rising costs. If a supplier can support its customers by providing high-quality, price-sensitive products such as the Rapid then it’s a win all round in my book. Exterior Cleaners want the best product at the best price. The Rapid 1800 hits the sweet spot! 

Check out the new Guttersucker Rapid