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180 Degree Tool Holder

Rigid Neck 180° Degree Tool Holder (Elite)


Ideal for directly overhead gutter cleaning projects with restricted access such as narrow pathways.  Engineered from carbon fibre, the Elite Rigid Neck 180° Tool holder, is lightweight and rigid, allowing the user greater control and manoeuvrability. Compatible with the clamped pole system.


180° Degree Tool Holder (Elite)

The Rigid Neck 180° Degree Tool Holder. When it comes to restricted access, such as narrow pathways or tight boundaries at the side of properties, gutter clearing from the safety of the ground can be challenging.

This Tool Holder, enables the user, to directly access overhead gutter clearing projects, in tight locations. Engineered from lightweight yet durable carbon fibre, the curved 180-degree design, allows easy access to overhead gutters, whilst the rigid construction, gives the operator greater control, to remove even the most stubborn of gutter challenges.

Compatible with the clamped pole system, the tool can be securely clamped in place. Select the appropriate end tool for the project and clamp securely in place.

  • Constructed from durable and robust carbon fibre
  • Compatible with clamped poles only (or 51mm diameter poles)
  • Holds a range of Elite end tools for optimum gutter clearing

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  • Material:  Carbon Fibre
  • Dimensions:  Approx. 37 x 35 x 5 cm
  • Angle:  180 Degrees

Package Contains

  • 1 x Elite Rigid Neck 180° Tool holder

Compatible with the clamped pole system and tools (Not Included)

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