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clamped pole set

Clamped Carbon Fibre Suction Pole Set


NEW Clamped Carbon Fibre hybrid suction pole set –
with EXCLUSIVE Vac Release Cuff & Hairpin Neck tool holder.

Weighing in at just 350gms per 1.5m, our NEW 50m diameter clamped suction poles, makes light work of high-level gutter clearance projects (up to 40FT).  With the Exclusive Vac Release cuff, for instant suction control and the Hairpin neck, to reduce high level blockages, our Guttersucker Pole Package, is a great upgrade to your Gutter Vacuum set up.


Clamped Pole Set

When it comes to high level gutter cleaning, a lightweight, yet rigid pole system, coupled with a sturdy angled neck, gives you maximum control.  So, whether you’re doing a top up clean, or wrestling a well-established, deep rooted gutter growth, your Clamped Pole Set makes projects easy.


Vac Release Cuff*:

But the Vac release cuff, is a game changer – allowing you to evict those gutter turfs without panicking about how to remove it from the end of the suction pole… safely… at height.  No more trying to turn off the Vac, or pulling the hose cuff off the end of the pole (one handed!)

Suck up the gutter turf, find a clear area to drop, and simply twist the Vac release chamber, cutting the suction.  Boom.  Job done.  How easy is that?


Hairpin Neck**:

And the hairpin neck is a bit more “roomy” in the bend, allowing gutter clutter, such as twigs, to ease around the bend, without becoming lodged and causing a backlog of debris.

With the lightweight wire reinforced hose, offering you the freedom to move around, with minimal risk of suction cutting kinks and an assortment of end tools to get you access to all gutter types, this pole system is a great upgrade for your gutter vacuum (and yourself!)


Versatile High Reach System:

And there’s more, add the connector tool to the end (sold separately) and you’ve got yourself a high reach cleaning system.  Why not add…

  • The skyScraper for roof cleaning (sold separately) .
  • A brush and thread the fly lead through the poles for a window, fascia and sofit cleaning system.


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GS Clamped Pole Comparison chart


*Vac Release Cuff:  Patent PENDING: Application No: GB1713830.6

**Hairpin Neck Tool Holder:   European Community Design Registration Number 008458913



EXCLUSIVE Vac Release cuff* – 1 High Grade Carbon fibre pole included in each package.



  • Secure clamping mechanism – top clamp locks the ridged base pole in place.
  • Each 1.5 metre suction pole is made of lightweight and durable carbon fibre / fibre glass hybrid materials.
  • 350gms weight per pole.
  • 50mm diameter poles.
  • Interconnecting poles easily slot together – to achieve up to 40ft.

EXCLUSIVE:  Hairpin tool holder** – Rigid carbon fibre construction for greater control and less risk of blockages.




7.5M Sturdy, lightweight, manoeuvrable, and less inclined to kink due to the internal wire framework.


  • 6 x tools: Aluminium crevice end tool / Aluminium dirt breaker / Aluminium Tapered end tool / Aluminium Long end tool / Aluminium scalloped end tool / long soft tool.
  • 2 x 50mm cuffs (Vac cuff / pole cuff).
  • Pole carry case with shoulder strap and tool pockets.


*Vac Release Cuff:  Patent PENDING: Application No: GB1713830.6

**Hairpin Neck Tool Holder:   European Community Design Registration Number 008458913

Package Contains

  • 4-8 Carbon fibre hybrid clamped poles (dependant on package chosen)
  • Vac release pole
  • 6 end tools, plus 135 degree hairpin neck end tool
  • 7.5m reinforced hose
  • Vac cuff
  • Pole cuff
  • Carry bag

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