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Guttersucker Bandit Cartridge Filter


Keep your filters Box Fresh to keep your system working in peak condition. Compatible with the Guttersucker Bandit, this pleated cartridge filter is exactly what is needed when your filters are in need of changing.


Keep your  gutter vacuum running in tip-top condition with a fresh filter.

Specifically designed for the GutterSucker Bandit Vacuum, this Filter has a cleated design that maximises the surface area for air filtration without losing its ability to withstand suction power.

Filter Maintenance: 

We advise starting each cleaning project with a clean and dry filter, and cleaning it at the end of each project. Furthermore, filters should be inspected regularly for wear and tear, and replaced every four months.

Filters are essential for preventing dust and other airborne particles from getting into the motor. Without the proper maintenance, it can become clogged and restricts airflow as well as suction power.

To clean:
  • Use a stiff brush to remove dry dirt.
  • If the filter is particularly dirty, then rinse under the hose
  • Allow the filter to dry FULLY before using

To learn more about filter maintenance check out this blog.

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  • 1x Standard Pleated Filter
  • Compatible with Guttersucker Bandit


1x Standard Pleated Filter


£57.60 (Ex.Vat £48.00 )

30 Days returns Policy

1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Dedicated Customer Service

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