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Gutter Sucker Pole Sets

Guttersucker Pole Sets


Carbon fibre pole sets, designed for high reach cleaning.

At just 310gms per pole, our lightweight carbon fibre poles, makes light work of reaching heights up to 12M / 40ft and 4 stories.  Available in 5 height options, our pole system comes with 6 metres of flexi hose and a range of tools, for everyday gutter clearing, and a handy storage bag.


Product Details

Say goodbye to blocked gutters and dangerous ladders!

Whether you are looking to upgrade from aluminium poles, to a lighter high reach option, or to use your existing wet and dry vacuum for gutter cleaning, our pole sets are a great option.

Available in 5 height options, to access gutters up to 4 stories high, from the safety of the ground and over obstacles such as garages and conservatories.

At just 310gms per pole, our push fit, carbon fibre poles, slot together easily to achieve the desired working height. The 135-degree goose neck fits securely on the top pole, for easy gutter access and can accommodate the right gutter end tool, to complete the gutter cleaning task.

The pack includes, poles, angled tool holder and selection of end tools, along with 6M flexi-hose and handy storage case for easy transportation.

  • 4 Pole Set: 6M / 20 Ft / 2 Stories
  • 5 Pole Set: 7.5M / 25Ft / 2.5 – 3 Stories
  • 6 Pole Set: 9M / 30 Ft / 3 Stories
  • 7 Pole Set: 10.5M / 35 Ft / 3.5 – 4 Stories
  • 8 Pole Set: 12M / 40 Ft / 4.5 Stories


Poles, Tools & Hose Specifications:

  • 1.5M Length / 44mm diameter suction poles weighs 310g
    1. 1 x Orange tipped TOP pole, (Quantity) Blue tipped BODY poles.
  • 6M Length / 38mm diameter Flexi hose
  • 135° Goose neck tool holder (Silicone 44mm)
  • 3 Gutter Clearing End tools.
    1. Day Tool
    2. Dirt Breaker Standard.
    3. Crevice End tool – with adaptor
  • Pole to hose cuff.
  • Carry Case – for poles & tools.

Package Contains

Included as Standard:

  • Suction Poles (Number dependent on package selected)
  • Gutter Clearing End Tools ( x3 and Crevice tool adaptor)
  • Flexi hose
  • Hose to pole end cuff
  • Carrying holdall for poles and accessories


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1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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