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Guttersucker Solo

Guttersucker Solo


Gutter Cleaning to Go! –

Trolley mounted Vac with on board generator.

The NEW GutterSucker Solo is the complete, mobile, gutter cleaning solution. With an on-board Honda generator powering the 2900W gutter vacuum, this system operates independent of mains power making it ideal for facilities managers or cleaning professionals with regular large scale projects.

For safe access to gutters up to 12M/ 40ft /4 storeys, the system comes with light weight clamped poles along with the EXCLUSIVE Vac Release Pole and Anti-Block Hairpin neck tool holders.

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GutterSucker Solo

Don’t let power sockets hold you back or restrict the gutter-cleaning projects that you take on.

The GutterSucker solo with onboard generator, undeniably enabling you the freedom to operate without access to mains power.

There’s no hazardous trailing cables to trip over, or worrying where your next plug socket is.

What if your customer is out on the day, or doesn’t have an external plug socket? There’s no inconvenient stopping and moving generators from place to place.

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Simply power up and power through the gutter debris!

The complete system, with vacuum and generator, is mounted on an all-terrain trolley to get you from A-B and then onto to C with ease, before parking up and firing up the system.

The gutter vacuum system, is a 2900-Watt triple motor, delivering an impressive 95 Inch Water Lift and 9166 Litres Per Minutes air flow of suction power. The perfect mix of suction power to take on regular heavy-duty gutter cleans of leaves, moss, gutter turf and sludge, along with a large capacity drum to store it in.

Waste management is straightforward, with the 50mm cyclonic side entry port, evenly distributing fast moving debris around the base of the 78 Litre drum. To empty, simply remove the vac head, and pivot the drum on the stable tipping chassis and empty out the contents.

Portable Power.

The trolley-mounted 3.4kva petrol generator with a Honda GX200 engine supplies the 230Volt power for the on-board gutter vacuum system.

Constructed of mild steel the sturdy trolley features two oversized rear wheels along with two lockable front castors.

To get you around the property and over a mix of challenging terrains.

When not required for gutter clearance, the vac can be unlocked and removed from the trolley, thus leaving you with a mobile, pull-start generator with 2 x 230 electrical ports.

So, it really is a versatile 2-in-1 system, with power, AND Gutters to go.


Clamped Carbon Fibre Hybrid Poles:

The lightweight 50mm wire-reinforced suction hose simply “plugs” into the cyclonic port which, therefore makes for a quick set up (with no time-consuming screwing in place).

Keeping the suction zapping kinks at bay, the sturdy wire framework also creates a smooth bore for a seamless “pole to port” journey for the debris.

Additionally to the generator, for safe and easy access up to 12M/ 30ft /4 storeys, the new 50mm clamped poles with EXCLUSIVE Vac Release Cuff and Anti-block Hairpin neck are a must.

  • Vac Release Cuff: Simply twist the cuff to cut suction. (Patent PENDING: Application No: GB1713830.6)
  • Anti-Block Hairpin Neck: With oversized neck passage to ease debris around the bend and prevent blockages.

Clamped pole system

Pole Features:

Weighing in at just 350gms per 1.5m, the carbon fibre hybrid poles are lightweight and rigid for maximum control at height.

Having a consistent 50mm diameter from the hairpin neck through to the cyclonic vac entry port allows the maximum air flow to the motor, therefore providing maximum suction and fast results.

Garage or conservatory blocking gutter access? That’s not an issue, simply build the poles up to access height and reach and get gutter fishing!

With a mix of specialist gutter end tools, the GutterSucker Solo also comes with the handy floor tool kit.

With specialist heads for hard floors, carpet, and standing water.

The water pick up, comes in really handy for spills, puddles and pressure washing projects with poor drainage.

  1. Get unplugged and Go “off grid” gutter cleaning with the GS Solo!
  2. Go “Off Grid” with the GutterSucker Solo this Autumn.
  3. For the Freedom to operate without mains power, the GutterSucker Solo is a versatile investment.


Three height packages available.

  • 4-pole package: two-story property (6m / 20ft)
  • 6-pole package: Suitable for a three-story property (9m/ 30ft)
  • 8-pole package: Suitable for a four story property (12m/ 40ft)

Now Included: 2 x Guttersucker Van Stickers.

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Wet & Dry Vacuum Overview

  • 2900 Watt Motor (3 x 967)
  • 95 Inch Water Lift
  • 9,166 LPM Air flow
  • 50mm Cyclonic side Entry port – click / lock
  • 78 Litre Drum capacity
  • 17.6kg Weight* (Vacuum system only*).
  • 72 DB*(Vacuum system only*).
  • Removable Vacuum head with handle
  • Latching Vac Head Hooks
  • 3 x Single Motors with on/ off light indicator
  • 240V mains powered (plugs into on board generator).
  • 7.5M wire reinforced, 50mm suction hose
  • Removable & washable filter
  • Water float valve shut off for wet use
  • Removable & Washable bag filter (replace every four months).
  • Practical Cable Hook


  • Voltage 230/115
  • Power 3.4 kVA / 2.7KW
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.6 Litres
  • Noise Level @ 7m 71 dB(A)
  • Engine Honda GX200
  • Start: Recoil
  • Fuel: Petrol Unleaded
  • Low Oil Shutdown: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 year or 1500 hrs
  • Length 610mm / Width 420mm / Height 410mm
  • Weight 36 KG
  • 3 Sockets: 2 x 230V 16A BS4343 / 1 x 115V 16A and 1 x 115V 32A BS4343

Complete system & chassis:

  • Total DB 71
  • Total Measurements: L140 x W63 x H104.5
  • Total Weight: 83kg
  • Frame Construction: Mild steel Frame 29.4kg
  • Frame Construction:  Mild steel frame
  • Front Castors: 2 multi directional and lockable wheels
  • Rear Wheels:  2 x Oversized fixed wheels.
  • Vacuum tipping chassis for easy emptying
  • Vacuum can be removed from the chassis.


Clamped Poles & Tools

  • EXCLUSIVE:  1 x Vac Release Cuff (Patent Pending Application No:  GB1713830.6)
  • EXCLUSIVE:  Anti-block Hairpin Neck tool holder (EU Design No: 008458913)
  • Secure pole clamping mechanism
  • 1.5M Length / 50mm diameter suction Poles weighs 350g
  • Carbon Fibre Hybrid construction
  • 6 Gutter Cleaning End tools. (Aluminium crevice end tool / Aluminium dirt breaker / Aluminium Tapered end tool / Aluminium Long end tool / Aluminium scalloped end tool / long soft tool)
  • 2 x 50mm cuffs (Vac cuff / pole cuff).
  • Carrying Holdall for poles and end tools.

Guttersucker Van Sticker Size: 500mm x 170mm.

Internal floor tool kit – for carpets and hard floors.

  • 3 brushes: 1) Carpet 2) Hard floor 3) Water pick up.
  • 2 Metres of 38mm Hose with 2 x cuffs (inc 50-38mm Vac Port-hose)
  • Handles (comes in 3 sections).


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Package Contains

1 x Trolley with:

  • on board (removable) 1 x GutterSucker Vacuum 2900 Watt
  • on board (Fixed) 3.4kVA generator.
    • Pigtail cable 1.25mm
    • 13A Plug to 16A socket, 240V fly lead
    • 16A, 230V, cable mount CEE Plug


  • 7.5M wire reinforced, 50mm suction hose
  • 1 x Removable & washable filter (replace every four months).
  • Carbon Fibre Hybrid High Reach Poles (Number dependent on package selected).
  • 1 Vac Release Pole.
  • 1 x Hairpin Neck tool Holder 2 x Cuffs (Vac to hose / Hose to pole).
  • 6 x Gutter Cleaning End Tools
  • 1 x Pole and end tool carry case
  • 2 x Guttersucker Van Stickers

Floor tool kit:

  • 3 brushes: 1) Carpet 2) Hard floor 3) Water pick up.
  • 2 Metres of 38mm Hose with 2 x cuffs (inc 50-38mm Vac Port-hose)
  • 1 Handle (comes in three sections)

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