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Frequently Asked Questions

The next day, with orders placed before 1pm on weekdays, subject to stock availability (UK Mainland delivery)

Orders are dispatched from our warehouse Monday to Friday, orders placed on the weekend will be dispatched the following Monday for delivery on Tuesday. Any special orders, severe weather or stock levels may result in next day not being possible, but this will be advised at point of purchase (or on following Monday if order is placed at the weekend)

Orders delivered to the Highlands will take 2-3 working days.

*If paying by PayPal, eCheque delivery may take a little longer, this will be dependant on when the payment clears.

The Guttersucker Junior is shipped in TWO Boxes:

  1. Guttersucker Junior wet and dry vacuum.
  2. Pole system with accessories.

Due courier size restrictions, we send the 1) Guttersucker Junior, and the 2) pole system to you via TWO separate couriers.

Your shipment will arrive on the same day, but via two separate deliveries.

We work with a number of different couriers, who provide different levels of service. You can find an overview of the service our couriers provide HERE.


Any and all orders requiring carriage costs will have to be made over the phone. Please contact us at 01280 630 005.

9 times out of 10 we would advise against removing the filter as it is there to protect your motor against damaging particles. However, if you are dealing with wet and sludgy debris, you are able to remove the filter.

Please note your filter must be replaced to avoid dust damage to motors as dust damage will not be covered in your warranty .

If the motor in your Guttersucker Vacuum needs replacing, please get in touch. Our expert technicians will gladly repair/replace your motor for you, getting you back to work in no time!

Guttersucker poles that are stuck together have often pushed in too far or not been cleaned properly prior to assembly.
To resolve this, use hot water or hot air (using a hairdryer does the trick). This should help free the poles.

Please see below our guide on which generator is compatible with your Guttersucker Vacuum. 

  • Customers experiencing an issue with no signal

Check the Monitor arial is in one piece, and not bent, damaged or loose.

Check the Camera arial is in one piece, and not bent, damaged, or loose.

Otherwise, please contact us to arrange sending it in to us.

  • How to pair the monitor and camera

Instructions on how to connect the monitor and camera can be found in the Instruction Manual that came with your Inspection Camera system. If you are still unable to connect the two, please contact us to arrange sending it in.

  • How to turn the LED light on

Ensure both the camera and the monitor are turned on. Press the standby button on the monitor once to turn the LED lights on, and again to turn them off.

  • How to I download footage from the camera?

Instructions on how to download footage to your devices can be found in the instruction manual that came with your Inspection System. Downloading footage can be done by using the included card reader to connect with your phone or pc/laptop. Please note that I-Phones require an app called iUSB to connect.

  • How to rotate the screen

‘Real-Time’ Inspection System: Press the central button to rotate the screen. Each press of the button will rotate the screen by 90°.

Recordable Inspection System: Press the button second from the left for one full second. Each press of the button will rotate the screen by 90°.

  • SD Card File Showing as Corrupt

When finishing recording, wait before turning off the monitor, as this can cause the most recent file to corrupt. Another possible cause is a low battery preventing the file ffrom saving correctly.