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Elite Crevice End Tool

Crevice Aluminium End Tool (Elite)


Ideal for gutter cleaning jobs where access is tight, or restricted. The Crevice Aluminium End Tool can slot in between overhanging roof tiles and gutters.

• Fits 51mm clamped poles


Crevice Aluminium End Tool.

The Crevice Aluminium End Tool. When the roof tiles encroach over and into the guttering, this can make cleaning a very difficult tasks.

The End Tool is thin enough to get in between and perform a thorough clean of the gutters, despite the difficulty one can encounter with these types of gutters.

It fits into the very narrow gaps to give difficult gutters an effective clean.

Key Features:

• Compatible with Clamped Poles, simply connect using the Rigid Tool Holder
• For use with Expert and Solo’s
• For cleaning the crevices between gutters and infringing tiles
• Fits 51mm clamped poles

Watch our Gutter Vacuum’s in action on our Youtube Channel here!


  • 400mm (16”) Long
  • 44mm diameter expanding to 80mm aperture opening 20mm
  • Material: Aluminium and Plastic

Package Contains

  • 1 x Aluminium Crevice Tool

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