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Dirt Breaker End Tool

Dirt Breaker Tool


This small (but mighty) tool is ideal for the removal of stubborn, deep-rooted growths in deep gutters and down pipes.

With a slanted aluminium end that efficiently breaks down turf and blockages, for easy removal.

This tool is compatible with Guttersucker’s 44mm Suction Poles. 


The Dirt Breaker End Tool. 

made from tough aluminium with a slanted end, this Dirt Breaker End Tool is ideal for breaking down tough gutter growths into smaller chunks.

A useful attachment, working to break apart clumps and tufts of dirt! all for an easy cleaning experience.


  • Compatible with our Gutter Vac Suction Poles, alongside the Guttersucker Pro and Junior.
  • Use with one of our Flexi Neck Tool Holders to attach to the poles
  • Breaks apart some of the more stubborn dirt build-ups

Check Out the Guttersucker Vac’s in action on our Youtube Channel here!




  • 200mm (8”) Long
  • 44mm Diameter
  • Material: Aluminium

This end tool is suitable for use with: The Guttersucker Pro and Junior.

package contains

  • 1 x Dirt Breaker End Tool.

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