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Guttersucker Bandit

Guttersucker Bandit


There’s a new vacuum in town…

The Guttersucker Bandit, compact yet powerful!

This professional wet and dry gutter vacuum is a hardworking and fast earning system. Featuring a choice of either Clamped Suction Poles or Push Fit Poles, made to make high-level cleaning effortless.

Reach heights of up to 40ft, all from the safety of the ground.


The Guttersucker Bandit.

With 2 industrial strength motors, the 2800W Guttersucker Bandit delivers the right mix of suction muscle (110”) and air speed (7166 LPM) to tackle all gutter cleans. From stubborn blockages and deep routed down pipe turf, through to moss crumbs, leaves and other debris … the Guttersucker Bandit has you covered.

The compact head is designed to maximise the drum space, whilst the steel filter protection plate lines up with the 50mm cyclonic port to guide fast moving gutter debris around the drum and therefore reduces any blockages.

Featuring multi-directional castors, to make the 45L steel drum easy to manoeuvre around. The 5 metres of lightweight wire reinforced suction hose also enables you to go through the property without the risk of suction cutting kinks.

Click here for the Bandit Spec Sheet

Robust, Portable And Easy To Maintain

This bagless system features a washable pleated cartridge filter along with a click-lock hose port for a quick set up. To empty, simply remove the Vac head and tip the contents away.

Being just under 80cms in height and weighing 17.2kg, the Bandit makes for an easy vacuum to get in and out of the van in a moments notice. With the addition of a floor tool kit, the system is ready to take on all types of property maintenance challenges.

IDEAL FOR: Gutter Decluttering, Drain Clearance, Garden Make-Overs and Garage Clean-Ups.

Available with a choice of 1) Push Fit 2) Clamped Carbon Fibre Poles.

Push Fit Suction Poles:

The 44mm push fit poles weigh in at just 310gms per 1.5m and slot together via a tapered end.  In addition, the package is supplied with a silicone neck tool holder and a selection of three gutter cleaning tools. This great value set up has everything that you need get your gutter game on.

Clamped Suction Poles:

Our 50mm clamped poles weigh in at just 350gms but come with the Exclusive Vac Release Cuff and the anti-block hairpin neck. Taking your “high access” suction poles to the next level, with instant suction control at the twist of a cuff. The hairpin neck gives debris more space to move through the bend, therefore cutting out time-consuming blockages.

Having a consistent 50mm diameter from the hairpin neck through to the cyclonic vac entry port allows the maximum air flow to the motor, for maximum suction and fast results.

Now including: 2 x Guttersucker Van Stickers.

Generators: For power on the go, we also have a range of generators available.

The 3600W Inverter & The Honda 5KVA pair perfectly with the Bandit.


  • Motor Wattage: 2800 Watt (2 x 1400 Watt) Min 2400 – Max 2800 Wattage
  • Water Lift: 110″
  • Air Flow Movement: 7166 Litres Per Minute
  • Decibel Level: 74 dB
  • Container Capacity: 45 Litres
  • Mains Connection: 240v
  • Power Cable Length: 8 Metres
  • Weight: 17.2kg (Vac Head: 10.7kg / Drum Weight: 6.5kg)
  • Dimensions: L48 W48 H78
  • Drain Hose And Bung
  • 4 Multi-Directional Castor Wheels – 2 Lockable
  • Guttersucker Van Sticker Size: 500mm x 170mm


  • 1 x Guttersucker Bandit Vacuum

Push Fit Poles, Tools & Hose:

  • 1.5M Length / 44mm Diameter Suction Poles Weigh: 310g
  • 1 x Orange Tipped TOP pole, Blue Tipped BODY Poles (Quantity Dependent On Height Package Purchased)
  • 6M Length / 38mm Diameter Flexi Hose
  • 135° Goose Neck Tool Holder (Silicone 44mm)
  • 3 Gutter Clearing End tools. (Standard, Crevice, and Aluminium Dirt Breaker)

Clamped Carbon Fibre Suction Pole & Tools & Accessories: 

  • 1 x Vac Release Pole
  • 1 x Hairpin Tool Holder
  • 5m x 50mm Wire Reinforced Suction Hose
  • 2 x Cuff: 1 Vac to Hose cuff 50-50 / 1 x Hose to Pole 50-50 Cuff
  • 5 x Elite Tools: Aluminium Long End Tool / Dual End Multi Tool / Aluminium Tapered End Tool / Long Soft Tool / Aluminium Crevice End Tool

Floor Tool Kit:

  • 2.5M Of Standard Flexi-Hose With 50mm Vac To Port Cuff
  • 1 x Handle: 2 x Aluminium Plastic Tubes / 1 x Plastic Bend End Tool Holder
  • 3 Brush Heads: 1 x Wet Floor Brush / 1 x Dry Floor Brush / 1 x Carpet Floor Brush
  • 2 x Guttersucker Van Stickers




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