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Guttersucker Solo


The Gutter Sucker Solo is the complete, mobile gutter cleaning system. The length of a power cord doesn’t hold back this system. An onboard power source makes this vacuum perfect for facilities managers and cleaning professionals with regular large-scale projects.

Fully compatible with the suction poles already in the back of your van, the Gutter Sucker Solo is the premium vacuum for those wanting to upgrade their vacuum to a fully independent option.

Guttersucker Solo – Vacuum Body Only.

The Guttersucker Solo 2900-Watt vacuum has an onboard Honda generator for a fully independent gutter cleaning system, giving you the freedom to operate without access to mains power. Without worrying about trailing cables, or where the next plug socket is, you can work without stopping to sort power sources out.

On Board Generator

The 3.4kva petrol generator with a Honda GX200 engine supplies a whopping 230Volt power for the vacuum system.

Furthermore, the mounted generator is a multi-purpose power source. When not required for a cleaning job, you can remove the vacuum from the trolley, leaving you with a mobile pull-start generator with 2 x 230 electrical ports.

Powerful Suction

This 2900-Watt gutter cleaning system delivers combination of 95 Inch Water Lift and 9166 LPM airflow for incredible suction power. The suction power makes easy work of heavy-duty gutter cleans, blasting through not only leaves, but also moss and sludge.

Mobile and Maneuverable

The entire independent system is mounted on an all-terrain trolley to move quickly to and from every location. The steel trolley features two oversized wheels for stability on challenging terrains, and also two lockable front casters for easy parking.

Efficient Waste Management

The Gutter Sucker Solo has a huge 78-litre drum to store all cleared debris. Moving through a 50mm cyclonic side-entry port, the suction pulls debris around the drum to fall evenly around the base.

The cyclonic port also maximises drum space and reduces the risk of blockages. When the drum has reached capacity, remove the vac head and pivot the drum on the stable tipping chassis, tipping the contents away.

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To find the right high-level gutter cleaning system for you, read our helpful Buyer’s Guide.


Complete system & chassis:

• Total DB 71
• Total Measurements: L140 x W63 x H104.5
• Total Weight: 83kg
• Frame Construction: Mild steel Frame 29.4kg
• Frame Construction: Mild steel frame
• Front Castors: 2 multi-directional and lockable wheels
• Rear Wheels: 2 x Oversized fixed wheels.
• Vacuum tipping chassis for easy emptying
• The vacuum is removable from the chassis

Wet & Dry Vacuum

• Motor Wattage: 2900 Watt (3 x 967)
• Water Lift: 95 Inch
• Airflow: 9,166 Litres Per Minute
• Drum Capacity: 78 Litre
• Weight (vacuum system only) : 17.6kg
• Decibel Level (vacuum system only): 72dB
• 3 x Single Motors with on/ off light indicator
• 240V mains powered (plugs into the onboard generator).
• 50mm Cyclonic side Entry port – click/lock
• 50mm wire-reinforced suction hose
• Removable Vacuum head with handle
• Latching Vac Head Hooks
• Removable & Washable bag filter (replace every four months).
• Water-float valve shut off for wet use
• Practical Cable Hook


• Engine: Honda GX200
• Voltage: 230/115
• Power: 3.4 kVA / 2.7KW
• Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.6 Litres
• Noise Level: 71 dB(A) (at 7m)
• Start: Recoil
• Fuel: Petrol Unleaded
• Low Oil Shutdown: Yes
• Length 610mm / Width 420mm / Height 410mm
• Weight 36 KG
• 3 Sockets: 2 x 230V 16A BS4343 / 1 x 115V 16A and 1 x 115V 32A BS4343
• Warranty: 1 year or 1500 hours

Package Contains

• 1 x Tipping Trolley
• 1 x On Board GutterSucker Vacuum 2900 Watt (removable)
• 1 x On Board 3.4kVA generator (Fixed)
• Pigtail cable 1.25mm
• 13A Plug to 16A socket, 240V fly lead
• 16A, 230V, cable mount CEE Plug

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1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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